The Recreational Clothing Company is a lifestyle and advocacy brand for the Cannabis plant. We seek to advocate on behalf of the plant, and its’ millions of global consumers, through our creativity, humor and fashion sense.


RECREATIONAL CLOTHING although unlike most companies, similarly started from a vision, a seed, an idea along with a series of questions pertaining to the illegality of the plant and the harsh punishments that stems from the possession and consumption of its flowers (buds).


As we move to a more forward way of thinking, a change being led by OUR GENERATION, the illegality of marijuana has quickly become “played out” and therefore so has a simple weed leaf on a shirt. We’re here to rejuvenate the game by being The Brand representing the recreational usage of marijuana and its’ lifestyle.


The 2011 idea/seed/vision of our Company was finally given life in July of 2014 with the organization of Recreational Clothing Company LLC (RCC). Recreational Clothing is a

New York based company that has set out to be THE BRAND thought of and mentioned when considering the humor and fashionable trends surrounding the recreational usage of cannabis, its accompanied lifestyle and positive ways of thinking.


It is our belief that with the complete removal of the negative stigma that has been attached to the cannabis plant, the plant can then be more aggressively researched and studied to be used as medical remedies and treatment for some of today’s terminal illnesses.


Thank you for your interest and support as we all continue to evoke change and rally until cannabis and its by-products can be freely enjoyed responsibly and recreationally anywhere and everywhere.


Continue to SPREAD LOVE, it’s the Cannabis Way of Life…